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The Jerusalem Post — Jerusalem Leaders Summit Aims to Build ‘Peace Through Strength’

The Jerusalem Leaders Summit public policy conference will return to Israel’s capital for the third time on Sunday, bringing together government, academia, business and policy leaders to advance solutions to 21st-century economic concerns, global threats and security challenges.

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Will a Jerusalem summit launch the fightback for the free world

Organizers of First Jerusalem Leaders Policy Summit aim to forge a transnational alliance to defend western democracies from rising threats.

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Global Politics: Strategic summit in the city

Global leaders gather in Jerusalem to discuss shifting geopolitical challenges – and demonstrate support for the Jewish state.

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Jerusalem Leaders Summit 2016 – Photo Essay.

“There are no problems, only opportunities for growth.” – A Jewish saying. How can Israel – with only 8 million people, no natural resources, enemies on every border, and in constant state of war – produce more startup companies than Japan, India, Korea, Canada and the United Kingdom? Israelis put Chutzpah first. There’s been never […]

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Western leaders ignore ‘apocalyptic Islam’ at their peril

Best-selling author says failure to understand messianic ideologies driving ISIS and Iran dooms the West to be repeatedly blindsided.

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International threat of radical Islam discussed at Jerusalem Leadership Summit

Iran ultimately poses bigger threat to world security than ISIS, says expert.

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Comment: Strengthening economic freedom in Israel

In the 2016 Index of Economic Freedom, jointly published by ‘The Wall Street Journal’ and the Heritage Foundation, Israel reached its highest score ever.

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Jerusalem Leaders Summit: Rule of Law, Property Protection and Indep. Judiciary Meet

Jerusalem Leaders Summit: international economic and political freedom united by shared civilizational underpinnings.

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Conservatives convene to discuss vision for Israel’s economy

Israel can learn from a New Zealand minister who drastically downsized government workers under his watch, say conference organizers

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Leadership Summit Highlights Importance of Middle East for Americans, Europeans

Conference focuses on rule of law as basis for civil society

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The First Jerusalem Leaders Summit 2016

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