About The Jerusalem Leaders Summit

The International Leaders Summit launched the first Jerusalem Leaders Summit, a public policy event, in November 2015. Leaders from America, Britain, continental Europe and Israel convened in Jerusalem to affirm our common, rule-of-law civilization, based on shared principles and values. The two consecutive Summits in 2015 and 2016 focused on advancing principled policy solutions to the most pressing challenges of the day.

The Third Jerusalem Leaders Summit (JLS) scheduled for November 18-20, 2018, provides leaders from America, Britain, continental Europe, India and Israel with a unique platform to present principled solutions to the 21st century’s global threats and security challenges. The strategic high-level forum will focus on strengthening the rule of law, removing obstacles to economic freedom and free trade, as well as feature contributions from the fields of innovation and technology that benefit individuals around the world.

The Third Jerusalem Leaders Summit will specifically feature Israel’s vital contributions in the fields of agriculture, health care, technology and security, including the resources invested in addressing water scarcity, and related innovations which have significantly improved the quality of life within Israel and beyond its borders.

For the 2018 strategic events, the International Leaders Summit is organizing an “International Trade Vision Trip to Israel” – engaging an international delegation of entrepreneurs and business leaders advancing policy initiatives which champion the expansion of free and fair trade.

The Summit builds upon high-level meetings in Europe and the United States. These meetings brought together members of the US Congress and Europe’s elected leaders, cabinet members and officials representing European Union institutions and national parliaments, joined by entrepreneurs, business, think tank and media leaders addressing key issues facing citizens and stakeholders on the economic, regulatory, trade and security fronts.

International Leaders Summit events have been hosted at the European Parliament in Brussels, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, London, Ljubljana, Prague and Warsaw. At the International Leaders Summit events, commencing with the inaugural events of 2004, moderators of strategic summit sessions have included editors from The Economist, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and other influential media groups.

Distinguished speakers at International Leaders Summit events in Europe and the US have included Edwin Meese III, America’s 75th attorney general, Mart Laar, prime minister, Estonia, Ivan Miklos, finance minister, Slovakia, Maurice McTigue, QSO, cabinet member, New Zealand, Andrej Bajuk, finance minister, Slovenia, Monica Macovei, justice minister, Romania, C. Boyden Gray, US Ambassador to the European Union, US Senator Jeff Sessions, US Congressman Dave Brat, US Congressman Scott Taylor, Rainer Hable, member of Austria’s parliament, Dr. Alvin Rabushka, senior advisor to President Ronald Reagan’s Tax Policy Task Force and senior fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University, among other distinguished leaders.



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Joel Anand Samy

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Advancing Our Shared Values and Principles through the Jerusalem Leaders Summit:

Natasha Srdoc_Joel Anand Samy_ Shimon Peres_President of Israel_Jerusalem Leaders Summit
AnandSamy_Shimon Peres_Black and White Print_Jerusalem Leaders Summit_Israel

Jerusalem, Israel: Natasha Srdoc and Joel Anand Samy, International Leaders Summit’s co-founders meet with Shimon Peres, former president of the State of Israel, on the eve of the inaugural Jerusalem Leaders Summit in 2015. The Jerusalem Leaders Summit’s co-founders shared with former President Peres, the long-term efforts to strengthen Israel’s ties with strategic partners – America, Britain, India and continental Europe.